Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waiting for Food

Hello, hello...

I'm back.  Yes, I am.  I'm back.  John and Linda went to the store to buy me food.  They better be buying me food.  Good food, I want.  Not shiny can food.  I want meat, meat, meat.  Yes, I do.  I just finished a big ham bone.  John and Linda should have left more meat on it.  They did not.  I told them to leave more.  They never listen.

I can see that rabbit in back yard.  There is no one here to open the glass door.  I run, run, run all through the house in case I'm wrong.  I checked my bedroom five times for John and Linda.  They are still gone.  I hope they come back.  I miss them. If they come back, I will jump on them and kiss, kiss, kiss.  Linda likes my kisses.  John pushes me away, he doesn't like my tongue on his face.  I don't care.  I will kiss, kiss, kiss no matter how many times he pushes me away.

I run to my front room window.  The big box on wheels has not come back.  John and Linda sit inside the big box on wheels and it takes them away.  When they come back, they have food!  They better have food.  I wouldn't have let them go if they were not getting food.  Sometimes, when it is night, John will go out for a long, long time and come back with special food.  Food that is hot! and tastes the best.  The more John sways when he returns, the more food he brings.  That's when I get the most!

John and Linda have been gone forever.  I am hungry and thirsty.  I can get a drink from my giant water bowl. When John and Linda are here, they get mad if I use my giant water bowl.  They are  gone, so I can drink.  They think because they put a cover over my giant water bowl that I can't drink.  They are wrong.  I use my nose to push up the cover and drink, drink, drink.

Okay, I am back.  I drank some water.  I looked outside my windows and saw the big box on wheels is back.  Yay, yay, yay.  John and Linda are bringing in bags and bags of my food.  I have to go now.  It's time for food!  I will jump on John and Linda as soon as they open the door.  Maybe I can knock some food on the floor.  Floor food is always mine!

Friday, April 22, 2011

My House

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello!

My name is Roxy.  I have a nice house and a big back yard.  Yes, I do, I do!  I have a garage in the back yard where a rabbit lives.  I will catch that rabbit.  Yes, I will, I will, I will!  I will catch that rabbit and teach him a lesson he'll never forget.  That rabbit will be sad he lived in my garage.  I almost caught him four times today.  I would have caught him if my human had opened the glass door faster.  I have three humans.  I have John and Linda and Will.  I let John and Linda sleep in my bed with me.  I let Will sleep down the hall.  I don't like it when Will comes into my bedroom to talk to John and Linda and I tell him to get out.  He doesn't listen to me.  He tries to bribe me by scratching my ears and saying my name soft.  I like the way he says my name soft.  But he should not come in my bedroom.  I don't care if John wants to show him something on the computer.  He should not come in.

Sometimes my humans tease me.  They put my food inside a big cold box, or make it hot on the fire table.  They think I can't see on top the fire table but they are wrong.  I can jump high up and see all the food.  I am nice to them and let them eat most of my food.  I wait and watch them eat my food.  I have to remind them to share before they eat the last bite.  John always gives me the last bite.  He should give me more.  Its mine!  But he only gives me the last bite.  Linda gives me more.  She opens shiny cans and puts all of it in my bowl.  But the food she gives me isn't as good as the food they eat.  John or Linda never eat the shiny can food.  She thinks I don't know the shiny can food is not as good as the food they eat.  She always pretends to want it and says how good it is, but she never takes any for herself.

Sometimes I get mad at my humans for not opening my glass door.  I will yell that I see the rabbit and let me out, out, out!  I run down the hall and yell, "Come on, let's go, open the door." and I'll run back to the glass door.  I look around and no one has followed me.  I have to run back and repeat, "Let's go. Let's go!"  I wish God had given me thumbs.  Then I wouldn't have to depend on my stupid humans so much.